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30 October 2018, 15:40

Toomine | Free Satoshi Every Hour toomine.net Review

Dear friends, Toomine is another investment program we will introduce today. When you register with Toomine, you are logged in with your wallet address. Simply enter a wallet address and create a password. By participating in any of the 4 investment plans of the site, you can make a profit of between 4% and 5.50% per day according to the amount of your investment. All investment plans have an investment period of 45 days. At the end of the period, your profit stops and a new investment is required to continue to earn. You can invest in three different payment methods. These payment channels are Perfect Money, Payeer and bitcoin. The minimum investment limit for joining Toomine is 20 usd or 0.005 bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal limit is 1 usd or 0.0002 btc.You can also earn 50 free satoshi every hour after you register to the site. You can follow statistics from DEPOSIT & WITHDRAWALS on the menu as live.

30 October 2018, 13:23

Helonex Limited | helonex.biz Review

Dear friends, The new investment site we will introduce today is Helonex Limited. With two different investment plans, Helonex serves its customers with two options: hourly profit and daily profit. The company is registered under British law with the license number 11640276 and is doing business in Forex, one of the world's largest financial and financial markets. Experienced professionals promise maximum profit with minimum risk. The company accepts Perfect money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin payment channels for investment. The minimum investment limit to start making a profit with Helonex is 20 USD. The minimum withdrawal limit is for perfect money and payeer 1 usd. The minimum withdrawal limit for those who want to trade with Crypto is 5 USD. Helonex fulfills the withdrawal instructions of its customers instantly. There are no hidden fees for investors who deposit money and give instructions for withdrawal.

24 October 2018, 09:22

Zonders | zonders.pro Review

Dear friends, Zonders is the name of the online investment project that we will introduce today. Zonders is a company registered under the laws of England with the license number 11530203. Zonders, who entered the online investment market about 10 days ago, regularly pays the profits of investors. You can use Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and monero payment methods to join this proy in which you will make a profit of 106% to 350% with 5 different investment plans. The financial activity of the project is cryptocency trade sector. Experienced experts share their profits with their customers. The minimum investment limit required to start profit from the project is 15 USD. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.002 bitcoin and the equivalent of crypto money. If you want to make your withdrawal as usd, the minimum withdrawal limit for usd is 0.10 usd. Withdrawals take place in the manual mod. Payments are usually instantaneous. However, in some cases this period can be up to 72 hours.

24 October 2018, 03:46

Btc Pro Hyip | btc-pro.biz Review

Dear friends, the name of the hyip project we will introduce today is Btcpro. Btcpro is a hyip project that has been making payments regularly for 170 days. The company, which is registered to British law with the campaign number 11414384, promises up to 1000% profit with 12 investment plans in total. The minimum investment limit for joining the Btcpro hyip site is 10 usd. You can use the Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash payment methods to join the project. Btcpro does not charge any hidden fees to users who make a deposit or withdraw money. Project experts assess their financial assets in the cryptocurrency trade sector and share their profits with investors.

23 October 2018, 07:12

Sweetbit | sweetbit.biz Review

Dear friends, Sweetbit is the new investment program of our Hyip blog. With a license number of 11481022 and registered in the UK law, Sweetbit offers investors the opportunity to earn up to 200% with 5 different investment plans. The minimum investment limit is 10 usd and you can make your investments with perfect money, payeer, bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.10 usd, 3 usd for bitcoin, 0.5 usd for litecoin, 0.05 usd for dogecoin, 2.5 usd for ethereum and 0.05 usd for bitcoin cash. Sweetbit, which does not charge any hidden fees for withdrawals and deposits, handles withdrawal orders within 24 hours.Project officials claiming to provide investment advice and crypto portfolio management, says they want to create a solid revenue opportunity for online investors.